S   ō   a   p   o   n   y



sōapony;   handmade limited edition artisan soap;

used with water for a sensual washing; made by skilled hands from a synthesis of natural oils and stimulating fragrances.

VERB [ trans. ]

wash with sōapony; “... they sōapony each others  bodies in the misting warm waters, luxuriating in every moment forever...” :



used to convey that there is every chance of something sensual happening and may result in sōaponyfication with your loved one:



(adjective) the indication to release your credit card and order more sōapony today on the PayPal secure website to be delivered expeditiously to your home:



Inspired by life’s most appreciable fragrances, natural ingredients, gratifying blends of color, galloping on vast sandy beaches, hiking through rain forests, fine wines, aged single malts, gourmet delights and long lingering sensual showers.


Soap Designed And Created by  Sōapony

“...with intricate adjustments to enhance every sense of your being.

Every Luxurious Sōapony Bar Is Handmade From Our Own Recipes

We Use Only The Freshest Skin Safe Ingredients Available”

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